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Capturing Moments: East Anglia's Finest Photographers Through My Lens

Updated: Jun 6

Choosing the right photographer is so important for your event. Their talent, style, vibe and personality has to gel with your vision. What I have found is that recommendations are golden and the following photographers I have worked with or used their services. So here are some of my favourite photographers in East Anglia in no particular order!

Wedding Photography - Richard Jarmy Photography

Richard Jarmy is bottled up sunshine. I met him initially at wedding shows that I attended and he brings fun where ever he goes. Not only are his photos amazing (click the link to his site to check them out) he is truly gifted at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. Richard is loved by everyone in the events industry, he was also in a Steps tribute band back in the day, so we were always going to get on.

Dog Photography - Nigel Wallace Photography

I asked Nigel to do a photoshoot of my brother's dog as a surprise for his birthday present. I organised a day of "dog sitting" and whisked away Stitch for a photoshoot in the woods. Nigel is incredibly patient and has wonderful experience in creating a fun environment for the dog whilst getting the best photos possible. What I loved about Nigel is that his pricing was so reasonable and he was such a nice guy. He has since been featured on TV and won multiple awards.

Wedding Photography - Emma & Rich

We worked a wedding in Suffolk that Emma and Rich captured and they were so much fun. The wedding was relaxed, fun and loud all at once and Emma and Rich made the guests comfortable to let their hair down and were so friendly and approachable to everyone. Check out their galleries on their website - fun, colourful and really know how to capture the party.

Newborn & Family Photography - Rebecca Durrant Photography

Our family photo - aren't we so cute!

My sister bought me a newborn shoot for my birthday in September. Our son was 4 weeks old and I had never thought about booking a photoshoot. I am SO glad I went. Rebecca not only has so much experience and care for the squishy newborns she photographs but made us feel so comfortable and captured magic. She's just a really cool person and great to be around. Follow her on socials as she has some great promotions throughout the year that are really affordable too!

Wedding Photography - Peter Oliver Photography

A Bride and bridesmaid share a moment holding their flowers during a drinks reception in a courtyard
The wedding of Florence & Alistair - 2022

Peter Oliver specialises in wedding photography and captures relaxed photographs in a comtemporary style. We worked a fabulous wedding near kingslynn together and the photos that he captured of the drinks reception are some of my favourite that I've seen. He has hundreds of 5 star reviews and is based in Peterborough.

So there are just a few of my favourite photographers, not only for their talents, but they all were really nice, genuine people which is so important! Do you have any photographers in the area that you would recommend?

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